Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool - DLIST

Project Description:

The Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool (DLIST) is an information sharing process focusing on the transboundary coastal zone of the Northern Cape, South Africa and Namibia. DLIST aims to assist coastal planners, managers and resource users implement effective integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) solutions. By facilitating information sharing & knowledge management, DLIST seeks to promote the sustainable use, protection and development of our coasts for the benefit of all. This website has been designed as the key interface point for many different types of DLIST information sharing and knowledge management activities currently underway. In 2008, AJH performed a final evaluation of a GEF medium-sized grant project that supported DLIST's roll-out and application in South Africa, Namibia and Angola. A copy of the Executive Summary of that evaluation is available by writing to AJH.

Web site: www.dlist.org