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AJH has provided services to the following clients. You may click on each of the names to view details of the services performed and references.


The World Bank

AJH Environmental Services has provided a range of technical support and services to the Environment Department of the World Bank as well as various Bank regions since 1995. Support includes assisting with the design and development of the Coral Reef Targeted Research for Capacity Building and Management Program, assisting with development or evaluation of regional projects, such the Strategic Action Program for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, the development of knowledge management products for the Environment Department and the Africa Region, development of the CDROM for the Bank's Safeguard Policies, and serving as an evaluator for the Operations Evaluation Division. AJH organized two conferences pertaining the sustainble use of coral reefs and associated marine resources and produced the conference proceedings. In 1998, AJH developed an electronic partnership forum for the Intenational Coral Reef Initiative> on behalf of the World Bank.

The World Bank Coastal and Marine Management Web Site


The David and Lucille Packard Foundation

In 2008 AJH assisted the Science for Conservation Program of the Packard Foundation in managing a solicitation for Ecosystem-Based Management tools aplication with a focus in developing countries.

The Packard Foundation Web Site


The World Fish Center

From 1998-2002, AJH Environmental Services assisted the WorldFish Center with development of the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) and also assisted in facilitating international workshops on remote sensing, modeling and coral reef policy. In 2004, AJH assisted WFC with the preparation of materials in seeking Global Environment Facility support for lessons learned within the GEF portfolio for coral reef management and conservation.

The World Fish Center Web Site


The United Nations Foundation (UNF)

AJH provided technical assistance to UNF from 1999-2001 in developing the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) during its start-up phase. AJH developed ICRAN's initial Strategic Plan and worked on the development of co-financing for the project. In conjunction with Image Studios Productions, Inc., AJH led the development and production of an informational film that resulted in UNF Board approval of ICRAN's Action Phase.

The United Nations Foundation (UNF) Web Site

The ICRAN Web Site


The Inter-American Development Bank

In 1997-98, AJH consulted with the IADB to examine its flow of environmental information within the organization. The work involved detailed interviews with headquarters staff as well as professionals within each of the Bank's three regions. A report was produced with specific recommendations as to how the IADB might consider a global system to manage environmental information.

The Inter-American Development Bank Web Site


The UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre

In supporting the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI), AJH was contracted through the UNEP-WCMC to provide ongoing stewardship services to the ICRI Forum website in support of the International Coral Reef Initiative. (www.icriforum.org).

The UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre Web Site


The Government of Namibia

In 2009, AJH provided an introductory training course to the Namibian Government for Integrated Coastal Management.


The United Nations Environment Programme

On behalf of UNEP, AJH provided support to Sound Seas on the mid-term evaluation of a UNEP-World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) project titled: "Coastal Resilience to Climate Change: Developing a Generalizable Method for Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation of Mangroves and Associated Ecosystems".


The United Nations Development Programme

AJH performed a terminal evaluation for the UNDP Namibia Office for DLIST - the Distance Learning Information Sharing Tool- a medium-sized GEF-supported project. (www.dlist.org).


The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN)

During the early years of ICRAN's Action Phase AJH provided consulting services to the ICRAN Coordinating Unit, and serviced and stewarded the ICRAN web site on behalf of the ICU.

The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) Web Site


The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

AJH was contracted in 2006 by USAID to perform an evaluation of opportunities and challenges in designing an investment strategy for biodiversity conservation of Coastal and Marine Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean Region.


International Waters Learning and Exchange Resources Network (IW:LEARN)

From 1999-2003, AJH developed two pilot studies for IW:LEARN. One pilot involved the design, development, technical assistance and support for a web-based information management and distance learning platform (www.dlist.org ).

The second pilot deals with a CD-ROM-based distance learning course developed for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Detailed information on each of these projects can be viewed under the projects section of the website.



MacAlister-Elliot & Partners Limited

AJH Environmental Services was contracted in 1997-98 by MacAlister Elliot and Partners Ltd to prepare a Preliminaraty Report on Risk Assessment for the Red Sea Coastal and Marine Resource Management Project.